Antalya for Competition Specialists

Antalya, the shiny center of tourism at the south coast of Turkey, generally captures the headlines with its sunny beaches, nice hotels and warm sea in summer, the peak season. Especially during the off-peak season in this city of Turkish Riviera, lots of national and international congresses are held and many companies hold professional meetings and training, too.

Well, the Turkish Competition Authority (TCA) caught the trend! According to the announcement  (in Turkish) the TCA is organizing a huge professional training program in Antalya for three days; between 7-9 of November 2012. It is the very first time that the TCA organizes such an event of a professional training out of Ankara, in which almost all competition specialists working for TCA participate. The program has a special and intensive design including lectures on latest developments and as well as cases on antitrust and merger practices, given by attendants from the TCA, European Commission, UK Office of Fair Trading, US Federal Trade Commission and US Dept. of Justice. There is also an attendant from Gómez-Acebo & Pombo Abogados S.L.P.

After the  opening speech of  Prof. Nurettin Kaldırımcı, president of the TCA, the lectures will be held for 3 days. Subjects of the lectures include important cases on cartels, abuse of dominance and mergers  in US, EU and UK, latest developments on antitrust law and trends. The TCA’s recent important decisions are also planned to be raised.

Here is the program (in Turkish).

The lecturers are below:

Michelle Rindone, US DoJ, Antitrust Division

Sam Pieters, Administrator at DG Comp., Int’l. Relations Officer, European Commission

Janelle Filson, Attorney at US FTC

Josep M. Carpi Badia, European Commission

Evelyne Ameye, Lawyer, counsel at Gómez-Acebo & Pombo Abogados S.L.P

Nenad Njegovan, Assistant Director at UK OFT

Mehmet Özden, Legal Counselor, TCA