A Comment on GSM Market

Dear Mr. Patrick Byrne had left a comment concerning Turkish Mobile Phone Market. I share his comment below. If you have an explanation or objection, please feel free to join in:

” The incredibly high level of charges for mobile phone users and for mobile data download in Turkey when compared to other countries in Europe would lead one to assume that there was no competitition in Turkey. Yet there are several mobile carriers. Perhaps one could think that Turkey is a small market for mobile phones and that the benefits of large scale delivery did not yet apply here. Yet, Turkey is one of the largest mobile phone markets in the world. In the light of this, the obvious suspicion arises that the existing carriers are involved in some kind of cartel through which they are fixing prices together and only allowing marginal competition for presentation purposes.

Perhaps there is another explanation. Anyone out there have one?”

One thought on “A Comment on GSM Market

  1. Well, first of all, I have neither an explanation nor objection. But Mr. Byrne’s comment has just reminded me a statement of Tayfun Acarer, the Chairman of the Information and Communications Technologies Authority. What funny is, contrary to Mr. Byrne’s observation, of which I feel the same way, couple years ago Mr. Acarer warned operators about the potential damages of “extensive competition” which claimed to be seen within the telecomunication sector. At that time he stated that, that “brutal” competition” would lead some actors to exit market. After Mr. Byrne’s interpretation, I cannot stop myself thinking if the warning of the Chairman led a change about the rules of the “game” between the “players”? Well, I must say, why not?

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