Brief Figures of Last 15 Years

The TCA has announced some brief figures on the investigations conducted within last 15 years. The lack of such quantitative data had been felt for a long time.

According to the announcement, the TCA has completed a total number of 189 investigations in the past 15 years. The most investigated four sectors are;

– Transportation (33 investigations),

– Food/Agriculture/Beverages (26 investigations),

– Construction Services (24 investigations),

– Medicine/Medical Services (24 investigations).

146 of those 189 investigations are multilateral conduct cases while 38 of them are unilateral conduct cases (abuse of dominancy cases). Average completion time for those cases is calculated as 434 days and an avarage of 3 case handlers have worked on them. Total amount of fines imposed is 865.558.825 TL (366.762.213 Euros). According to the announcement, a total of 802 undertakings and 2 persons were fined during the last 15 years. During this period, 4 undertakings applied for leniency and 2 of them got immunity while the others got reductions in their fines.

You may reach the detailed table and figures in Turkish here.

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