Fining Third Party: Gençlerbirliği SK

The recently published final decision (available here in Turkish) reveals that the TCA  completed the preliminary inquiry on the online ticket selling company Biletix (a Turkish subsidiary of world-famous Ticketmaster). The TCA ruled in the decision that there is no ground for starting an investigation on the Biletix but imposed 51.222 TL (22.270 Euros) fine to Gençlerbirliği SK (a football club which uses Biletix online system to sell its match tickets) for providing false or misleading information.

According to the decision, the TCA had dawn raided and interviewed the Gençlerbirliği SK in addition to other clients of Biletix. During that raid and interview, Gençlerbirliği executives declared there was no any contracts between Gençlerbirliği SK and Biletix other than those which was found during the raid. However, after finding contrary clues which indicates that there was another contract that was kept by an anonymous Gençlerbirliği SK executive within his personal business premises, the TCA experts dawn raided, having received permission from the Turkish Competition Board to do so, those assets and found the mentioned contract.

Ultimately, once again TCA experts proved that they have got not only legal and economics skills but also have a nose for infringement clues of all kind (And some of them can be act biased while writing blog posts).

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