As a competition law practitioner, reading economy columnist (a major one) Ege Cansen’s article “New Bogyman of Private Sector: Competition Authority” on the ongoing banking investigation really frustrated me. I  felt kind of disappointed. Being a public officer I neither intend to start up a controversion on an ongoing investigation nor I want to riposte to Mr. Cansen. I just want to share those lines from the article:

“…It is so strong that the motive of business people to overcome their opponents, hostile agreements to eliminate competition remains unfulfilled most of the times. I say this as someone who has been in the business realm for fifty years. Collusions that the Authority deals meticulously with, includes old-fashioned competition infringements such as “market sharing” or “price fixing”, are contrary to the nature of bussines life and to the chemistry of business people. If there are adequate numbers of many firms in any sector, these kinds of violations of competition would be eliminated instinctively.”

Now reading these lines, for those who earn their lives on antitrust and competition law practice, I call you for a moment of silence.

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