Training Programs of the TCA

The TCA recently hosted members of the Afghan Competition and Consumer Protection Department (CCPD). Members of the CCPD were in Turkey for a training program in corporation with the TCA. TCA experts lectured the members of CCPD on various topics and shared their experience.

Training programs are not novel topics on the TCA’s agenda. In recent years, programs were organised for the board members of Pakistani Competition Authority (available here), top managers of the National Agency of the Kyrgyz Republic for Anti -Monopoly Policy and Development of Competition (available here), members of the Mongolian Agency for Fair Competition and Consumer Protection, board members of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus’s Competition Authority (available here). Similar programs have also been developed in cooperation with Azerbaijan State Service for Antimonopoly Policy and Consumers’ Rights Protection, The State Committee of the Republic of Uzbekistan on De-monopolization and Ukrainian Anti-Monopoly Committee. These programs were held according to the bilateral cooperation agreements, the newest of which was signed with Egypt last weekend.

It would be quite fair to say that the TCA has accumulated some experience and it has been transforming into an information provider organisation from an information gatherer. That is said, it should be noted that in the following years the TCA may become a role model for the Middle Eastern and Central Asian countries with which Turkey has historically close relations.

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