12th Energy Congress of World Energy Council in Ankara

I would like to share an event held by World Energy Committee Turkish National Committee (WEC-TMK) in Ankara. WEC-TMK is organizing its 12th international congress titled as “Turkey 12th Energy Congress and Fair” at Middle East Technical University, Ankara for three days between 14th November and 16th November.

Cemal Ökmen Yücel, one of the co-editors of this blog, will make a presentation entitled “Market Power and Manipulation in Electricity Markets: The Issue of Intervention to Market Power”. Additionally, Cengiz Sosyal, another colleague of us at the TCA and who is Coordinator and Senior Competition Specialist, will make a presentation on the subject of “Unbundling and Competition in the Energy Markets”, author of which is Selen Yersu Şahin who is on duty abroad.

Both presentations will take place tomorrow morning at 09.30 AM, 15th November. The program of the Congress is available here (in Turkish).

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